Sep 25, 2006


Readthis fucking article, if you know what's good for you, fucktard.

Sep 21, 2006

Pit Bulls

Right, pit bulls are safe to keep aroun. A horse. A fucking horse.

I think this is how it went down.

And what's better than watching a guy get laid out in a football game that results in a concussion? Why, the interview afterwards, of course! (Two videos on this page, hit on top, interview after)

Sep 20, 2006

blogs are for nerds and stuff

thats why i never post

but actually its cause ive been in cali

and thats such a bogardus title it hurts

im also bloggin for 2 today ....

from der pimpernel
skompton ninjas role the hardest
kinky reggae ? no, kinky alphabet !

so i caught up on visual pop culture this past weekend ... finally got around to seeing chapelle's block party (directed by michel gondry), secretary, and a little viewed movie (for good reason) entitled videodrome starring a young james woods and debbie harris ... and more importantly, features a kinky sex scene between the two aformentioned actors ... hotness !

however, i also watched some tv ... including what seemed to be a marathon of "face" shows on the discovery health channel ... the most disturbing by far was on this gal, marlie casseus who suffers from polysostotic fibrous dysplasia ... read her whole story, as its pretty fuckin tragic ... especially growing up in haiti where she was considered cursed instead of being given medical attention ...

the other one i watched was on this little girl who suffers from treacher collins syndrome ... essentially being born without the front of her skull ... that means, no upper jaw, no cheekbones, and no eye sockets ...

and this one is equally as jacked ... not for the squeamish

i also stumbled across this randomly

ok, enough ?

Naughy Alphabet

I don't get what the hubbub is about!

Sep 13, 2006


festival time killed my interwebs time

i want one to do my shopping too


this would make for an awesome theme party ... amongst my favorites ...
cadbury shortcake
hostess cupcake

bogardus's new girl (link courtesy of josh)

why do old computer ads make me smile ?

poinant social discourse on the calypsonian as artist (actually quite interesting)

this guy has helped me a ton in re-learning flash ... as well as having a nice site

Sep 12, 2006

Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog

thust yt be for ye.


I was dreading this day because of the memories it would stir.

I was sick of seeing 9/11 memorials all over the TV and internet

Then I saw Keith Olbermann's speech

"How dare you Mr. President?"

Sep 4, 2006

And now for something different...

So we've all heard about Steve Irwin's freak accidental death. People just can't get enough news.

Everyone is calling it "ironic." This does NOT get my irony-seal-of-approval! We all saw it coming!