Mar 5, 2010

Today In Erotic News

"It's a jail escape that started with a grain truck and ended with Sheriff's deputies having to strip . . . . He wasn't going anywhere. He looked back a few times and continued his attempt at the doggie . . . . It became quickly apparent that Smith wasn't going to get very far. . . and began to bob up and down, struggling to keep his head . . . . The two deputies looked at each other and knew they had to try and help the man. 'We both undressed and jumped in.' They notice Smith was tiring, taking longer to come up for air . . . . Smith was taken to the hospital to be checked out. The deputies weren't injured, just cold and dripping wet."

Mar 4, 2010

Drastics Got Feeds To Burn Kid

Got up on my computer skills smarts and got the Drastics' blog on the RSS feed so all you Google Reader junkies can get our blogs right in ya lil' Reader inbox ...


Mar 1, 2010

Happy Pulaski Day

So here's the Library of Congress's account of Pulaski. Notice something? Yeah, they sure as hell mention Buffalo New York, but they omit that Pulaski is the Founding Father of Chicago and also the Godfather of Richard M. Daley! Well, if you're not from Chicago, and I guess Buffalo, and you're reading this blog, which you probably wouldn't be doing anyway considering this blog is SOLELY about Chicago and Chicago happenings and what not, you probably don't know who this Pulaski guy is, besides from what I've already said. Well, he invented the horse. And the mustache. And he was Polish. Until he became American which at that point made him 167% cooler.

Anyway, my pierogis are done and I've got a hankerin' for some potatoey dumpling goodness. As they say in Warsaw, "Slainte!"

A Modern Day Casimir Pulaski