Mar 29, 2007

has our blog become a youtube filter?

I'm not complaining, because lord knows I won't be visiting youtube to weed out the decent videos. I have you guys to do that for me!!

And on that note, a story about weed.

Mar 28, 2007

I Love CNN

What should the top story be? Something important, perhaps the war in Iraq? No, it should be about something whimsical and popular with the kiddies, perhaps American Idol? Or . . . how about a little of both?

(And yes, this was the top headline of the entire page as of this posting)


ok. michael moore is a douche. i agree. but fred phelps is a double-douche chocolate sundae with angel tears and demon-seed-crumbles.

by the by, Driznastic and I make cash alternating driving that bus and the bookmobile on weekends

YAY! his demon-seed was potent

wow, even hitler is in the corner going "dude, tone it down a bit and please learn what the word 'metaphor' means"


aaand the kicker, i thought i had found salvation - a church group who has a beef with his crazy ass. turns out they are assholes too, and they are just pissed that he's a five point calvinist

BO icantfuckingbelievesomepeople

Mar 26, 2007

The War is Over!!!

The sectarian violence, bombings, terrorism, it's all over!

Watch yourself

I blame the first verse on the rise of gangsta rap in the 90's

Some people have too much time on their hands

And just a side note: Briefly this morning, had as the main headline that 5 GIs were killed by bombs in Iraq. They quickly dropped that when news of Anna Nicole Smith's autopsy were going to be released. I want to give my life for my country and then have my death yanked from the headlines to be replaced by news that some dumb bitches autopsy report is going to be released. Not news of the actual results, news that they will be released. (I guess so we can brace ourselves when they find out she OD'ed.) That is all.

Mar 25, 2007

The Masses Are Shouting...


maybe a little too much giggling, but still...

yo homes, smell ya later


stop it! you're giving me a SPACEBONER!!


Mar 20, 2007

stuff for yer windows background

kungfu movie covers ... and theres alot of em ...
blazing temple (must be hard to train there)
cat vs rat (in all fairness it is a comedy)
dirty ho (obligatory)

posters of most of the movies mst3k has done ...
terror from the year 5000
the brain that wouldn't die
screaming skull (best gurantee from a movie ever ... "we gurantee to bury you at no charge if you die of fright during SCREAMING SKULL!")

japanese movie posters of american/western flicks ....
black orpheus
'tis pity she's a whore (i dont believe this was actually a movie title)

diler daku (pretty sure i saw him open for madlib)
shatranj (bollywood flick or bootleg 80s ska cover?)
do chor
junglee (like a retarded james bond)

mexican lobby cards ... alot of el santos stuff in here ...
el cuarto chino
huracan ramirez y la monjita negra (mexican wrestler teams up with a black nun)
anonimo mortal (santos vs the nazis!)


karl pilkington intervied by ricky gervais ... only really funny if youve listened to the podcasts and now how funny this guy is ... kinda a modern day andy kaufman, not sure where he ends and the character begins ...

WARNING: gervais's laugh has been known to bring about death in newborns and deafness to most living things, even those without ears

Mar 19, 2007


I know what I'm going to be doing this afternoon!

Mar 15, 2007



Why did we stop wearin hats?

tha skokie swift 1925 style


Mar 7, 2007


What's the point of a cat's life? Their only goal is the western shore!

Can you hear the banjos strummin'?

Mar 6, 2007

back at ya ...

well, since we're airing all our dirty laundry on the blog now, i feel like i must share with the attentive audience, ahem ... actor's myspace page ... or "howard" to his "friends" ... and by "friends" i mean "pimps" ... and by "pimps" i mean, whatever dude he can "suck off" for "blow" ...

scroll about half way down for the sweet sweet goodness


Mar 4, 2007!

I was over at driznastic's crib last night...he showed me some of his new projects and swore me to secrecy....but i just couldn't help it

i am proud of you buddy, stay strong!


Mar 2, 2007

if its one thing ....

... johnny rockets knows, its ... music! ... obviously ... watch them explain how the four season's/spinners hit "workin my way back to you" lead to mj's "thriller" (check the sweet keytar!) ... or the lovin' spoonful's "do you believe in magic" leading the way to duran duran's "hungry like the wolf" ...

or dont ... i thought they were all about the 50s, why are they covering pharcyde !?

i jus got through the entire thriller video i linked to (its live if you didnt click) and its pretty right on ... brings out zombie dances on stage ... damit MJ, what happened to you !? ... oh right all that ...


more sweet pics of the man with mickey, on a birfday cake, alt thriller cover (check that bitchin monogram!, you go girl!), on a swedish bootleg (??), being inpersonated by a japanese guy nex to another japanese guy impersonatin elvis on japanese television ... and last, in epic video game format ... man, i still love that game

If you like vomit . . . .

click here!

Gotta see the doctor about my latest problem.

More News From CNN

Kind of cool

Mar 1, 2007

sittin on the bus wit no dough ... sucks

trashy pulp novel covers
modblog ... some real cool stuff on there, all viewer submitted ...
crap, ive been usin it in my stews
the barrison sisters

there's sort of an underlying theme here

::non-sequitur dept::

stop crying or I'll give you something to cry about ... cliché finder?