Mar 29, 2009

Baby Wo Ist Unser Liebe

Taken from a rare album "Motown Around The World", this is in fact the actual Supremes singing "Baby, Where Did Our Love Go?" in German. Though from reading the comments I guess it's less than a superb translation. Probably sung phonetically .... give it a listen, it is in fact strange ... this album also includes Stevie Wonder singing "My Cherie Amour" in Italian and the Four Tops singing "My Girl" in Spanish ...

Mar 27, 2009

shamwhat ?

Allllright ... I'm only posting this because up until last night I had never even heard of the Shamwow ... I don't know how I got so lucky. I was at a party last night and since we're generally nerdy, a heated debate on the economy erupted amongst the smokers on the back porch. We were discussing China's recent proposal to adopt a new monetary standard/currency not tied to one country (ie the USA) ... in the midst of this someone joked that the "the Shamwow should be the new standard" ... everyone laughed, but me who asked "Shamwhat?" ... So yes, even the fellow non-TV owners knew of him. Somehow I have been able to completely avoid this ubiquitous TV entity hocking his shlep-wears ... I still don't know exactly what it is ... a fancy towel ? Why is this a thing?

Anyway, the synchronicity seemed too perfect cause for the first time in years I pulled up The Smoking Gun and found this ... ShamWow Guy In Slap, Chop Bust: TV pitchman battered hooker in South Beach hotel room brawl

All I can think is that he shoulda covered his fists in the ShamWows as to avoid leaving a mark. And his name is for real "Vince Shlomi". You go ShamWow Dude!

Bad Cops

Dallas officer delayed NFL player as relative died . . . Police Chief "Kunkle said the video showed that Moats and his wife 'exercised extraordinary patience, restraint in dealing with the behavior of our officer.'"

And the video

Mar 26, 2009


Patrick linked me with this ....

This entertainment-variety-talk show was not only a vehicle to promote African-American artistry, community and culture, but also a platform for political expression and the fight for social justice. It showcased classic live musical performances from funk, soul, jazz, and world musicians, and had in-depth, extraordinary interviews with political, sports, literary figures and more. It was the first program on WNET to be recorded with the then-new technology of videotape, and most of the shows were recorded in real-time—not live, but unedited.


Mar 25, 2009

just a no content kinda day

oh snap!

april 3rd

Mar 24, 2009

ghost of a ghost

So I'm upstairs at the vanity last night brushing my hair (100 times on each side) before I get tucked in for the night when this ghost crash lands through the mirror and hits the sink next to mine. He was pretty high but lucid enough to mumble something about "... ancient hidden golden treasure" before he died, tragically, in my arms. After I buried him in the bench to the Hammond Organ, I got to thinking about what that ghost said... but more specifically what he didn't say and even MORE specifically what he transmitted to my brain via Ghostal Clairvoyance (tm). After a half bottle of grain alcohol it came to me.... I remembered earlier that evening while walking through a graveyard I noticed an inappropriately large number of shovels hanging around. Like some asshole had just gone down to the Crafty Beaver and picked up a palette of shovels and just threw them willy-nilly all over the fucking grounds. Acting on a hunch, I surmised my next course of action should be to dig, as I assumed the shovels to be an omen sent by the ghost to me before he died ... Just dig and all shall be revealed. So I went down to REI and picked up a whole bunch of rock-climbing gear (and a couple of raspberry energy bars) and I took the BUS, OK!?!? When I got back home I pulled up the carpet downstairs and started working on the concrete floor. I don't know what took over me but it was like the ghost of that ghost had possessed my arm-hands and next thing I knew it was 3 weeks later and I was standing on a relief of Danica McKellar's head.
But like, for real, this shit was life like down to the freckles and also 18ft long. But this wasn't some Wonder Years shit, no ... it was deeper then that ... this was being channeled from some other dimension ... a dimension run by the evil child-queen-tyrant Patty, the sad-eyed orphan! So I put on my bright red overalls and jumped down the toilet pipe. There I experienced a life changing journey of self realization with Joshua David Saviano as my spirit guide. He kept handing me various items wrapped in pieces of paper with real corny jokes on em... like he gives me this alarm clock with a piece of newspaper around it that reads "Why did Beethoven get rid of his chickens? Because they kept saying Bach, Bach, Bach", then a stalk of celery with some note paper (college ruled ) that says "What is the best way to carve wood? Whittle by Whittle", etc etc ... after about 6 hours of floating and being handed jokes I was like "Look! What am I?? A fucking Bazooka Joe joke tester!?!?" All of a sudden everything went black and it felt like when you got through one of those long water slides at Chimpy's Water Slide Fuck-a-Roo Beach Party Bonanza... When I came out the other end I had a sweet trapper keeper in one hand and a scrap of paper in the other that said "Do You Like Me?" with a "Yes" and "No" box ... signed by Winnie Fucking Cooper.

just when you thought it was over ......

But it's not! Keeping this steam roller of blogging going strong ... hmm ... think I just invented a tongue twister ... The Human Torch Was Denied a Bank Loan ......

aight, so peep these Texan dudes ... Young Problemz and their joint "Fuck Yo Muthafuckin Myspace Page" ... shit pretty sums up how I think (hope) most people feel bout myspace these days ... i'd link to their actual myspace page but it's the kind that makes you gag with 20 embeded videos and a graphic banner up top that's bigger than the rest of the site, etc ... and since it's somewhat NSFW I won't embed ... here's the link! ... most of the shots in that "video" are actually taken from their page ... dudes already got people sending in pics with signs reading "fucc yo mutha fuckin myspace page" ... notice how they don't stop promoting they myspace page throughout the whole video though .....

favorite line .. "Man I tried it and I got that same message. Nigga what kinda mess is a away message? That shit stupid log out if you through. Fuck yo myspace and your facebook too."


I wonder how Arnold feels?

Cause Winnie got married.

And by the way, apparently she posed in Stuff Magazine.

Mar 23, 2009

start the week off right

Here's an awesome blog I stumbled upon while reading up on Giant Jellyfish ... Pink Tentacle! I couldn't find an about page so don't really know what's up with it, but it's just a Japanese-centric blog of cool and weird stuff. The link above goes straight to all tags labeled "Anamoly" which is where all the good stuff is ... entries include "Monster Mummies of Japan", "Monster octopi with scores of extra tentacles" and "Edo-period UFO" ... good pictures too!

Mar 21, 2009

do not test the bollywood fitness

Yeah, Actor ... Bollywood Soulman AKA Kamal Haasam ...

Here's the original clip ... not sure why you'd put a shitty club beat over this awesomeness, but ... people do strange things ...

and here's like a best-of highlight reel of amazing Bollywood clips from the 70s ... this is a promo for Madlib's "Beat Konducta in India" album ... the album's good not great with a couple tracks that are really slammin ... but at least on this clip the overdubbed music isn't a ghey house anthem ... it's muthafuckin Madlib ...

Yo DJ Pump This Party (2)

Whilst looking for a music or video link to go along with the title of my last post - fill yourself in here if need be -- I came across this gem and couldn't help but share.

koala and calarmari

The Pimpernel hipped me to a film so intriguing I had to check it out ... Executive Koala! ... This bizarre Japanese films delivers a heaping handful of "huhs?" and "whats?" as a giant man-sized Koala sets out from his executive-level job at a Pickle distributor to solve the mystery of his murdered girlfriend ... His boss is a giant rabbit and the convenience store clerk is a giant frog ... no one seems to care about either of these facts though ... the movie is truly too bizarre to try and describe without giving away crucial parts ... just know that the trailer here is waaaay more dark than the actual movie which includes Korean martial arts, a musical-esque trial scene, koala/human bondage and REVENGE!

Apparently this director has another movie titled "Calamari Wrestler" I still have yet to see ... looks pretty damn awesome though ...

yeah! posting at 12:30 on a Friday night! rockin it ... rock rockin it ...

Mar 19, 2009

Yo DJ Pump This Party

I would listen to the new Bijan mix but......

Jesus is my DJ

Third Thursday, Free Mixes!

In our tireless effort to give YOU the people more of what you want, I'm introducing a new series on the ol' Drastics blog ...

Third Thursday DJ Mix ... Some of you might be aware of the mixes I put together under "The Blends" ... a couple are posted on our myspace page ...

Anyway, I decided to start a collection of reggae mixes each profiling a member of the group here ... We all (obviously) like Jamaican music but we all like certain styles a lil more than others ... This month to kick things off I humbly offer The Bijan Mix.

Read More/Download The Mix

[The Drastics]

Mar 18, 2009

wackness permeates ....

So yeah, well ... no one is still posting. this is wack.
Apologies to anyone who still bothers to check this blog ...

The Bluntest contributors all met last night and over beers had many interesting conversations that would translate to very interesting blog posts. However, the likelihood of these topics ever seeing light of day is slim to none.

In the meantime, I stumbled across this crazy photographer ya'll need to peep. Roberto Kusterle ... I couldn't find any one website with a nice collection of work, so instead here's a link to a GIS of his name this is that link.

these are all contemporary ... in the last 20 years or so ... but made to look old ... strange things!

Mar 12, 2009

Waste of Time and Money

Watch the Texas-Mexican Border! Prevent immigrants and drugs from coming to America! Be a Hero!

And if you're wondering, the cost of this system is approximately $500,000 per arrest made and $1,000 per pound of reefer confiscated. Money well spent!

Mar 11, 2009

Phrozen Peas n Prophylactics!

Canned Carrots and Contraceptives!
What's last thing people want in a recession? More kids, apparently. According to data-tracking firm the Nielsen Company, dollar sales of products in the "family planning" category, which includes condoms and over-the-counter female contraceptives, are up 10.2% for the first two months of this year.... Cookie and ice cream cone sales have dropped 9.7%.
What Sells in a Recession: Canned Goods and Condoms [Time Magazine]

Mar 10, 2009

A Post!

Kids today think they invented their damn ASCII art and emoticons ...

think again!

Typewriter Art!

here's a contemporary typewriter artist

Wow, seriously ?

A whole freakin' month without a post?
We have become the blog we all hate. No updates, no posts, just deadweight in the blogospheric ether.

Well, I have been blogging, but on the Drastics blog ...

Strictly Vinyl Reviews #002 ... in this installment, Con Funk Shun, David Axelrod and Rockers International!

Hey, someone post here already!