Oct 30, 2006

Bill and Ted

As in Clinton and Kennedy. Watch these. Funny stuff.

And some Booty Call

Oct 27, 2006

shits perfect ... mission accomplished ...

cheney is REAL ... he dont give A FUCK!

bush works hard ... seriously though ... heres some early work of his when he was still runnin wit the 43rd street hustlers ...

worst ... person ... EVER


ive posted this site before, but now its totally different ... yet still funny

Oct 25, 2006

ever so busy


bitches n pancakes

he communicates through kgb magic !

and seriously, how bad do you wanna take a swing at this guy ... in his face ?

Give me a pancake and I'll come in.
Give me a pancake and then I'll go.

Oct 24, 2006

Alternate universe movies

What if The Princess Bride was a horror film?

What if The Shining was a feel-good family picture?

What if Toy Story 2 was a tripped-out drug flick?

What if Office Space was a crime drama?

republicans gone wild !!

i swear, im makin a tape and sellin it on late nite television ... im also postin this while a very angry GOPer spouts on NPR ... upon being asked what he thought of the polling projection numbers which favor dems, he literally said to the interviewer, "well, you're entitled to your math, and im entitled to THE math" ... when told that theres only one math, he simply repeated his statement ... good work guy!

anyway, so we got republicans GONE WILD! in ...

florida ... and iowa by proxy, i guess ...
illinois ... and new hampshire by proxy, i guess ...

and a big thanks to wonkette ... from whom if i wasnt stealing links from outright, was at least informin me of how awesome our congress is ! ha-zah!


aight gang ... its that time of year again ... i dont know why it even needs to be said ... i was actually gonna write a whole manifesto, spouting this and that, maybe throw in some socialist rhetoric for good measure, but screw it ... we jus gwon say it like this ...


simple as that ... tired of yall non-bloggin suckas ... cause ya know, the bluntest carries alot of weight, specially in chicago ... i mean, jus the other day, i got into the champagne room BASED on my contributions to the bluntest, and i cant trust that yall weak ass bloggers who aint be postin wont be doin the same ... so ... there ...

you have 5 days to post ... if you dont, im sendin this guy after you ...

you know who you are ...

and now for some stuff ...

hearing colors again?

takin one for the team?

hard as FUCK!

i dont get this ... did it sneak up on her and die ?

this looks cool

also ... apparently im "the loverboy" ... god, i never felt so emo ...

thas right ... im a gentle, random, love masta! booya!

Oct 21, 2006

Oct 19, 2006

Makes your heart want to strangle itself with your arteries

This is nasty.


Halloween at Sofie's!

Come one come all to Sofie's MONSTER MASH! Saturday October 28th in Chicago!




There will be a Meat Cake, a Kreepy Keg, Witch's Brew, the Haunted Bedroom of Bizarro, a Terrific Tarantula, Gross-looking (but not gross-tasting) food, and much much more!

Games including: Costume Contest, Liver Toss, Pumpkin Bowling, Mummy Wrap, Bobbing for Apples, Punch the Pumpkinata, Pumpkin Carving, and whatever else we can make up!!

Also, BYOP ( Bring-Your-Own-Pumpkin) for carving and/or bowling!

Costumes are preferred but not required. No Jerks please. And as for any party, bring extra booze! No underage drinking please. I don't like going to jail.

Contact me at SofieParty@gmail.com for directions.

Oct 18, 2006

Oct 17, 2006

fun wit imdb

movies that really exist






and then leave it to wikipedia to have compiled deez

aw, jus something

is this old, and im jus outta the loop ?

moustache to victory!

i was cleanin this off my bathroom walls yesterday ... so ... ya know ... incase you were interested

Oct 12, 2006

A Chain of Sitcoms

No links. But this can be verified from Wikipedia and IMDB if you don't believe me. That's where I got the info.

It starts with All in the Family. All in the Family begat The Jeffersons. The Jeffersons, not begat, but, also were in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The Jeffersons then begat E/R. This is not to be confused with ER. The two shows are very similar. 1) They are both called ER. 2) They are both set in Chicago. 3) They both star George Clooney. 4) They both had Mary McDonnell (Donnie Darko's Mom). Boo-ya.

Hastert Meets with Weirdo

This is bizarre

So who is KA Paul?

a break from the politics

to watch this !

wheeeeeeeee !

and can you believe this exists ?

im makin a wiki of myself for peoples reference ....

Even More News!!!!!

Insert your own joke about Rep. Foley, balls, and little boys.

More News . . . Kind of

The links are hilarious. You gotta click "vivid fantasy life".

At least it's a plan

Oct 9, 2006


Tastes just like it smells . . . like 16 year old boys! Why do you have to say things like that!

Oct 6, 2006

mo leaks, less problems

foley crap, but interesting ... hastert more concerned with who leaked the information then the actual case ... i guess not suprising, but still disturbing ... especially comin from a rep of the party that leaked information on cia operatives .... which is also comin fresh on the heels of bush claimin that reports on iraq (indicating how poorly things are goin) are a "political ploy" ... the soundbite, still fresh in my ears from listenin to npr all day at work, from bush was something like ... "now isnt this interesting, were a few weeks away from an election, and someone saw fit to leak this information for political purposes" ... huh ? political purposes ? how bout, we, the american people, have a goddamn right to know what our money is bein spent on, and how our government is handling a volatile situation where american citizens are being attacked at an estimated rate of once every 1/2 hour (i actually read 15 minutes, but ill be generous) ....

why is our government more concerned with who said what, then what is being said ?

why is washington playin like its a goddamn reality show on the tv, with he said/she said drama bein the main focus ...


maybe its cause it distracts us from shit like this (link courtesy of big d)

wake up people !

when wil people realize ....

... fox news sucks, bill o'reilly sucks, and they are all a bunch of liars workin to push an evil gop/conservative/oppresive agenda .... still skeptical ? ....

splain this then

mo fox news bullshittery

Oct 4, 2006

couple bites from the virtual world

giant bug terrorizes germany ... click

giant frog terrorizes chicago ... bogardus knows him well ...

interdimensional dimensional transport transporting .... click

b29, b30 ... you sunk my battleship

gian iceberg

hart island ... mo info

jus check that site, lots of good stuff

tsetnulb eht

the bluntest has slowed to a state of stagnation ... time to make up for it ...

comrade ... marxism was never so much fun
i wanna say i posted somethin bout this way back when ...
what people think about when they have too much money and not enough consideration for ANYONE ELSE
little superstar

reggae video calvacade ....

u-roy and narration of dub ... come fi chat it
toots on viva variety ... the states psuedo-spin-off show ...
dennis brown
amazing early (bbc?) ska documentary ... im only guessin cause of the british accent, and that they had one of the most cheesy/commercial groups of the day (byron lee) playin ... SKA SKA SKA !!
this is such an awesome quote ... this is from a recent bbc reggae documentay (i know cause i have it ... taped it off the lifetime network i think ... stranger things ... )
obigatory ... but so true ... couldnt tell you how many times before a gig i was feelin sick or tired or jus generally crappy until you start playin, and then forget all of dat ....
not the worse collaboration ... but still didnt have to happen
skatalites '84 ... dig the guy chattin over the ska ... and tommy mccook is a badass
skatalites '84 w price buster and dennis alcapone
this is a badass song ... i was given a bootleg set of theres from a nyc show earlier this year ... and was soarly dissapointed ... somethins lost ....
scratch bein his usual ...
wayne smith @ jammys
LEE SCRATCH PERRY FOR GUINESS!?!?! ... hmmmmm ....
scratch backed by dub is a weapon in nyc ... this was only a few months ago ... woulda liked to seen it ... though im sure workin wit him is nex to impossible .....
scratch declarations '82
junior murvin