May 27, 2006

paint my muscle car prune color please

i tried posting this yesterday but blogger was hatin

werd ... jus got back from helpin to paint part of a huge mural at a cps school with about 35 1st-5th graders ... and holy crap was it fun ... totally get the teachin thing now ... so i was gonna

hindu jesus murals


prolly posted this before, but its still fresh

read this first then check em out ... then read this and realize how insane people are ... then read this and realize just HOW insane people are ... then ... oh, you get the idea

and the non-sequiter...

goddamn thats a whole lot of weird al

May 26, 2006

Sweet Crackers!

I just need to post something to prevent someone from having a Drastic-related seizure.

Let George Bush teach you how to play chess

getchass to the show ... part 2


how annoying is that !?

the new album is in hand though! booyakasha ...



Desmond Dekker

May 24, 2006

one awesome link

fellow brand blogger geoff manaugh has an awesome awesome blog

seriously, youll spend hours there


My eminent summer vacation has led me to search for things to occupy the fabulous free time. Here's where I landed first.

I've also been feeling a strong loss of religion lately, so here is where I landed first.

Pimpernel reminded me to do something that I haven't done in a while. Here is where I landed first.

Puff Puff Pass

Take that lung cancer!

The Other Other White Meat

There's some new tracks from the as-yet unreleased Dangerdoom EP over on

Nice new remix of "Sofa King"

May 20, 2006

drunk at work

... but not hungover ... peroni is one of our sponsors ... so, yeah, im supportin the cause by havin 4 beers before 6 ... at work ... safe ...

be KIND .... rewind ... its just that simple ... WHEN YOU RETURN A MOVIE TO THE STORE, MAKE SURE YOU REWIND IT FIRST ... leave your name and number after the beep ... hmmmmmm (bonus points to anyone who catches that reference)

paper art

some 2010 origami

piss flowers

this is for bogardus ... i know where yer gettin yer nex carpet from ...

funny but questionable ads ... just in the sense of: why would you even give idiots like these time in a public arena ... 1, 2 ... both courtesy of this lovely site ... oh, one more thats extra creepy ... the commentary after is funny too ...

May 17, 2006

Too cool for a title

Charlton Heston is making a comeback

Also, what in the hell were the designers of the new Mickey Mouse camera thinking?

This is for driznastic


so im sittin at work and i started thinkin bout what it would be like if ali g and herbert kornfeld hung out ... itd be an explosion of white-bred-black-co-opting corniness ... but unfortunatly no one has yet undertaken the charge of making this website for my amusement ... there is this however ...

enter tha office

and then check out dj cyber rap



three times one minus one is gonna make it aiiggghhhhh

May 16, 2006

one more for the road....

I may end up teaching physics next year, and this is what I would do the whole year: rediculously ninja rube goldberg experiments. This video makes me grin like a Japanese school girl. About 9 1/2 minutes in, it temporarily takes an unexpected weird turn.


guys jumping off of buildings are cool.

more jumping.

for you beer drinkers.

bears and monkeys

bear eats monkey

probably why

bear makes out with ed sullivan

ed should try one of these

interesting selection of bear shirts

bears and monkeys ... graphically portrayed !

monkey dressed like peewee (not peewee dressin his monkey)

brass monkey as defined by the us navy

chinamen eat monkey

oh and dude, chinaman is not the prefered nomenclature, asian-american, please


sometimes you eat the bear, and well ... sometimes the bear eats you

May 13, 2006


I watched Pee Wee's Big Adventure the other day. The theme by Elfman has been stuck in my head since. It reminded me about this. (Might be a repeat).

Also, Bogardus loves cute stuff, and this is nauseatingly cute (keep clicking, you'll get sucked in).

And the best for last: EVIL CLOWN GENERATOR. dear god this is so creepy. I fear clowns almost as much as I fear decorative roosters. Keep sweeping the cursor over the face in little circles.

May 12, 2006

one third in the crapper

why is it that when job=good and band=good, girls=bad ... tired of this shit ...

another nice chicago blog where i found this

why someone mad this, i dont know, but still pretty cool ....

effective protesting

and some from the pimpernel

are there any republicans left not under indictment ??


May 11, 2006

Anyone have some Kleenex?

I think I just had a nerdgasm

maps n shit

sorry for not bein around much lately gang ... got this new job and so need to show em im a good lil worker for at least a couple weeks before the slack kicks back in ... i applaud sofie for her efforts in keepin this blog afloat ... clap, clap ...

yeah, so i work in an art gallery now ... its pretty badass, it only really hit me yesterday ... booya

so, i havent really had much time to explore the interwebs and find things for yer amusement ... but heres what i got ...

red china

words YOU dont know. stupid.

nice aerial shots of LA traffic interchanges ... mmm artsy

old school space maps (scroll down)

how far will you go ?

bombing tags

and for sofie (i know its a repeat AND i know this is some fark shit but) ...

the age of consumption

Before I go on, where the hell is everyone? I'm all alone in here.

Aren't you glad you have a science nerd in your midst? Look at the big news this morning:

Cannabis does not cause brain damage
(here's the abstract for the science journal publication: Cannabis study)

and, an alcohol antidote is in the works as well. A sober-up pill? Dear god........

and, for dramatic effect, here's a short video for you.

May 10, 2006

those crazy supermice

My heart lept with joy when I read this: Cancer-resistant supermice cure regular mice. This is most excellent. In terms of cancer research, it's a real breakthrough. If the read gets too nerdy for you, here is the fabulous mouse diagram/flow map they constructed.

Also, If you've been reading the newspaper at all, you would have seen my school on the front page of the Trib a couple days ago, and in the Sun-Times yesterday. Oh, and on WGN news too. They are so late. Things have calmed down considerably. Although I did break up a fight this morning in my 1st period over a damn box of cookies......I guess I would fight for them too - a big ass box of Famous Amos.

May 9, 2006


I've been away for a while, getting settled into the new place, getting to know the Hood. So here's the zombus du jour.

Zombie Biology - pretty comprehensive, one of my oldest and most trusted sites.

Zombie Philosophy - kind of a long read, but I like it because I love debating over whether a world of Zombies can actually exist. All I know is that I'm pretty damned prepared should they rise.

On a related note, I bought a garrote for my new back door weapon.

May 7, 2006

Tiny pictures made with wavy lines

Enter The Engraveyard

Also, you can play a pretty sharp version of Knights and Cities of Catan. The nerdier big brother of The Settlers of Catan

May 5, 2006

Me You and Everyone We Know

Artsy movie that was ok. Almost too artsy to be enjoyable by me, but kept it under wraps for long enough. But the most important thing was this website.
Back and Forth. Forever.
I almost peed my pants. If anything, watch this movie for the little boy. High-Larious!

ay yi yi

the good, the bad, and the ugly

happy cinco de mayo !

i wish i could make flyers as good as this one ... damn ...

that sucks

dont get the hiv

May 4, 2006

Who is Tony Danza?

His show is to stop taping this month, so in memory of that fine actor/boxer/scholar/preacher/lover(?) . . .

An overview

African Dancing Danza

What the Danza likes

I guess this helps explain the last two pictures, but it might help explain the man himself

Yeah, we've all seen this before, but not with TD!

Show me what you're working with

to clarify

i realized that the end of my last post is somewhat ambiguous to what im advocating ... that is, whether im for greater amnesty or for greater crimilization of illegal immigrants ... though anyone who has read more then 3 posts on this blog would know im for greater amnesty of just about anyone ..... but to clarify ....... im particularly heated on this topic as someone very very close to me will be greatly effected by whatever the 'powers that be' decide ... it is doubly heating to me as this individual has quite extraneous circumstances that washington wont make me exceptions for ... upon this persons request, i cant share details, but i will say that being brought to this country while less then a year old doesnt really allow the person a whole lot of options when their parents never bothered to get themselves naturalized, let alone their kids ... anyway ...

FIRM ... fair immigration reform movement

senator obama talks about immigration rights and reform


more info

chicago rally photo gallery

aclu page on immigrants


awesome headline ... somewhat interesting story

i know jus how he feels ... seriously sometimes i am amazed at how people cant figure out how to RIDE THE FUCKING BUS ... i just sit there stare at them and think to myself "goddamit, you need lessons. stupid."

you want this chicken, huh ?

Did you miss me?

I know I've been delinquent in my postings, but it's that time of the semester where the Big Tests come out and scare the living crap out of me. Nothing better than learning that a court found a lawyer not liable for malpractice because the Rule against Perpetuities is really confusing. And yes, the Rule will be on my first exam. But on to some news:

That'll show 'em not to accuse the president of being intelligent!

I don't know why I thought this was important. Maybe it's cause of the hats

So what is the Holy See? Pope vision goggles, perhaps?

So how did the Bears do at the draft?

Just in case you were feeling bad about American news media. We're not alone in being sucky.

At least he doesn't live with his mom

A side note, I went to my local bar and the bartender said, "Hey, your look a like was here on Monday." I didn't pay too much attention to it, then my girlfriend asked "Who?" to which the bartender replied "Kyle Orton." For all you football fans out there, here is Kyle Orton:

Looks just like me

But I'd never . . .

Crap, I think I know where this is going . . .

Ok, I get it, I'm going to shave . . .

May 2, 2006

cause you wont be seein my face ... around these hallowed halls, no mo ....

well gang, its about that time ... starting next monday i start my new job ... i dunno, the closer it gets to the date the more nervous i get ... ive never quit a job, nor really looked for one either, my current employment fell into my lap by way of a friends mother who offered me a temp job with the university that eventually became fulltime, it was never anything i wanted, or fought for ... even so, theres something unsettling about leaving the fold, though im trying to take advantage of the situation and get to as many "changes" as i can while the spirit is high ... amongst other things i just finished a 2 disc album, doused some old flames, threw kerosene on some newer ones, got a new roomate, and landed another decent paying freelance job ... being a creature of habit this is almost making me dizzy, but as they say; "a rollin stone dont gather no moss" ...

sorry for the lack of posts also, im glad sofie has stepped up and held it down ... i spent almost all of last week without a computer and it was everything i imagined it to be ... went to lincoln park and saw the zoo and the conservatory, saw the warhol exhibit at the MCA (which changed me from a warhol hater to a warhol appreciator), checked out art chicago at the merchandise mart, spun a couple hours at delilahs ... blahblahblah ... all in all an excellent week ...

anyway, just to bitch for a second ... so i gave my boss my 2 weeks more then 2 weeks ago, and even though im not being fired they have restricted my access to the servers where i work ... i basically am going to be showing up and sitting around (and be getting paid) for the next 3 days ... brilliant ... i coulda done alot for them to keep em coasting until they find a replacement, but this kinda mentality is partially why im jumpin ship ... this office is becoming less academia, and more corporate ... ah well ... so expect some stuff from me in the nex couple days ...

also this

and this is REALLY important people ... seriously, alot of people dont understand what this legislation is about, it is not just a free ticket for anyone to come into the US ... understand it ... this shit NEEDS to pass ...

and finally this which might be everywhere, but i thought id put up anyway ... cause its fuckin funny ... dammit