Feb 28, 2007


go back to blog school n00b ... hahaha ... n00b

so, being a common midwesterner, i had totally slept on gettin hyphy and doin the thizz dance ... havin jus spent the las 5 days in the bay (nor cal, where you at!?), i am now indoctrined ... GET DUMB AND THIZZ THE CLUB!


we can go jus ghost ride the whip ... sucka GET THEM STUNNA SHADES UP SON ... damn ... this ones for bogardus ... check the sample

yeayyy ... thas how we DO


dumb, jus PLAIN ol fashion dumb

Feb 27, 2007

BO! Does A Body Good!


not my fault you all are old and slow -- but i found the article hosted somewhere else, because i love you


Feb 26, 2007

BO! Something-Besides CNN-Links From-Pimpernel-STYLE!!

Bill Maher is a dick. An absolute bag of douche. He is the left-wing Bill O'Reilly and they both should be drowned in hobo urine. Or at least have their respective shows canceled and forced to have a show together where they can belittle each other and pretend to be open-minded with themselves as the only guests.

And now the real reason for the post......freaky faced guy
at least watch until he sticks his tongue out


Feb 24, 2007

Feb 22, 2007


Grandpa tastes blood!!! With his bare fucking hands, dood.

Jennifer Aniston's boobs are on the internet. Now just to find where . . . .

Britney "Sinead" Spears

I was going to post a link to the whole business about the Brits pulling out of Iraq and then write something about how Bush probably knew about this before hand and that is the reason why he's been pushing for this troop surge. It makes sense, Blair didn't just call up Bush earlier this week and tell him they're pulling out like he's cancelling a dinner date. So Bush needed to propose the surge before the Brits said anything public or it would look like he was desperate and that the US was left all by its lonesome fighting the global war on terror. Maybe we can finally cash in on the Icelandic troops. They'd probably melt in the hot Baghdad sun. I didn't post an article about that because there wasn't one on the front page on CNN.com, yet the previous stories were. Cause Britney's shiney dome is clearly more important than the thousands of people dying. Why the fuck do we even have a freedom of press?


I Warned You!

I told you this would happen. And you laughed when I said we should storm the British Embassy on July 4th!

Keep your porn down

You'll upset the neighbors

So I spent the last three days writing a paper that was due yesterday at 6:00 pm. I needed 7 copies, professionaly bound, and a third copy on disk. I get the paper done after a marathon 30 hour writing session. The kicker: I can't print it up and therefore it is late with points docked. I hate technology.

Feb 20, 2007


I know it's only one link....

and i KNOW the anna nicole shiz is played out...

but damn, much like the picture of driznastic with those glasses on.....





ok while composing the above post, i was watching a MMA (mixed martial arts, think cage match) fight on showtime, between two ladies...and i am going to bestow a small honor upon the winner: she gets to be the first young woman in a new feature called....

My New Girlfriend!

Feb 19, 2007

Baby Racing

Brought to you by the people who live below me! Place your bets!

And what happened to the Baron?

Feb 16, 2007

Galaga you say?

once again ... more crap ...

old ass games ... go back to an era where playing a game where you are the prime minister of england was actually considered fun ... it looks pretty much like a statistics package they would use in a high school stats course ... but in 1982 that was fun times ... i blame reagan ... and the coke ... also ... space zombies! i think its jus galaga ... but it is "THE MEANEST AND MOST ADDICTIVE GAME THAT HAS RECENTLY BEEN PRODUCED! .... THERE IS NO ESCAPE!" all from this page ... go 10 print "awesome" 20 goto 10

patois ... go jamaica! ... seen ?

corpse paint ... go deathmetalers!

fresh rhymes ... go cable access ad for a pet store!

JB coked out of his mind in an interview ... check the nose rub/sniff right when the interview starts, and how he just denies everything ... go coke!

jb, mj and ... a must check is entrance onto the stage ... go ... coke ... again, oh, and that mountain man!

Feb 15, 2007

Touché, Actor.

You filthy, dirty whore......

I feel close to you guys, but this is a little too close...

Care to share some of those Cheerios in the bag?

Easy now boys....

Deez nuts in my mouf....

Feb 14, 2007


no words needed.....happy v day all!!


Feb 11, 2007

is that a hyperbass flute in yer pocket ...

or you jus happy to see me ?

webpage of very small and very large instruments


Watch ya step - the Actor is on the scene

degenerate hipsters, ubernerd mad scientists, frontin' scholars, and tarantula owners beware!

first off - driz knows i only allow myself to be photographed in sepia tone

second and more importantly he also hates America as much as the Australians love it.

Never fear great nation i will stand with Australia against Driznastic and that alluring half-chocolate man

now for something you west coast liberals couldn't have found on your own....
that's how a gentleman gets down

calling of the roll ...

say hello to the blogs newest member!

hes the one on the left ... isnt he sad ?

sad sad sad

dont be sad!

oh, or maybe this is him ... profile fits better anyway ...


if ronald mcdonald was on the cross .....

the personification of america

Feb 10, 2007

the sweetest gif animation ever

dont ASK no questions ........

and here is a direct link to an mp3 of hilarious hawaiian comedian shawn felipe who doesnt like teh gheys! and he's not ashamed to use old ass unfunny jokes to get his point across! (dont worry, its short)

i know, clicking on that link is kinda like holding a cup up to yer friend and saying "this tastes like shit ... try it!" ...

also im pretty sure ive been having a reoccuring nightmare where the head of the NIDA is trying to kill me ... plus these sweet anti-inhalant ads

does anyone else think its weird that the best place to learn how to get high is at the national institude on drug abuse's website ... jus need to change that ON to a FOR and theyd be all set ....

Feb 9, 2007


i know you guys just love graphs and data and whatnot, so that's why i'm putting up this site, which analyzes the accuracy of different weather forcasts (CNN, weather channel etc). far as i can tell, american news media sucks ass in the hotly competitive world of meteorology.

Feb 8, 2007

mirror mirror, on the wall...

"who is the hottest Russian woman working in the nuclear industry of them all?"

man, how many times have i asked myself that question? i'm pretty sure only once, when denise richards (?) was the russian nuclear scientist in that bond movie.

in case you wanted to know for real, some site is having a constest. go russia!

at a glance....

someone bothered to plot out our fearless leader's approval ratings over his time in office. some would argue that there is a significant trend...

Feb 7, 2007

machine develops self-awareness!

apparently, the new dell laptops are so advanced that they can hate themselves!

Feb 6, 2007

i like spaghetti

for you computer nerds, here's a pictoral depiction of how windows and linux run stuff. i guess it's supposed to tell you that linux isn't as complicated, and so has fewer security vulnerabilities.

Feb 5, 2007