Oct 31, 2008

i think we know who we're talking about here

This was on Wonkette yesterday, but I only had a chance to watch it with sound today ... and it's so insane it requires re-broadcast here ... This guy (McCain spokesman Mike Goldfarb) is seriously at the end of his rope, making accusations of Obama with no backup ... the whole time with a very George W Bush-ish smirk on his face ...


Oct 30, 2008

fox news elects john mccain!

reeeeeaaaallllllly? fox news polls find mccain making a comeback? no! really?
come on EVERY OTHER MEDIA OUTLET, get with it!

Oct 29, 2008

more music

so here's another mix that got used on "Echo Beach", Chicago's only dub reggae show (WLUW 88.7fm) ... mixed together by yer's truly, this one is entitled "Cool Down the Pace" ... I did this mix shortly after my accident sort of as a way to prove to myself that I wasn't an invalid and partly because it was so damn HOT ... the alternate title to this mix was "City Too Hot: The Cast Mixtape" ... cause, ya know, those dudes hustling mixtapes off the subway are always titling their shit way epically like that ... ya heard !? So yeah, this one is 99% dubwise ... enjoy!

here's your tracklist

16.1. Brad Osborne - King of Zion Dub
16.2. Roots Radics - Tubby's Daddy Dub
16.3. The Upsetters - Grumbling Dub
16.4. Little Roy - Tribal War Version
16.5. Super 8 Corporation - 23rd Version
16.6. Junior Moore - Love Me Little Girl
16.7. The Crystalites - Lippy
16.8. Linval Thompson - Jah Peoples Dub
16.9. Scientist - Wa Di Is Free
16.10. Junior Reid - Human Nature Version
16.11. Culture - Jah Jah See Them A Come Version
16.12. The Revolutionaries - Shango
16.13. Prince Douglas Sunshine Dub
16.14. Tommy McCook - Roots of Africa
16.15. Horace Andy - Prophesy
16.16. The Tamlins - Lovelight Crucial Version
16.17. King Tubby - Killa Dub
16.18. The Heptones & Lee Perry Allstars - Serious Time Version
16.19. The Drastics w/ Ralph "Soul" Jackson – Dub Me Back

well that's a scary thought

Win or Lose, Many See Palin as Future of Party

Oct 26, 2008

Ivor Cutler

Lemme pile on some more youtube clips:

Gimme some more

Ivor Cutler, we hardly knew ye

Oct 24, 2008

fun with wording

So by now we all know that crazy McCain campaigner wasn't really attacked by OJ Simpson wielding a knife and carving fertility symbols into any and all McCain supporter's cheeks ... or whatever it was she claimed ... but this is just the kind of story that headline bias is quite susceptible to. And since most American's get their news in headline format ONLY, I think this is kind of an important phenomenon to investigate. So let's take a look at the way different media outlets covered this story ...

The Dallas Morning News
One Texan's tall tale debunked: McCain volunteer admits making up attack story
I tried to find information on any bias this paper might have, but came up with nothing. This is still interesting though. Calling this story a "tall tale" doesn't exactly give it the weight that I believe it deserves. "Tall tale" brings up images of Paul Bunyan and Joe Henry, not crazy bitches lying about having their faces carved by eccentric Obama supporters as a political ploy to discredit Obama.

McCain Campaign Volunteer Admits Alleged Attack Was a Hoax
This one's a lil' more clever. By putting the word "alleged" into the title it sort of twists the whole thing into a whole "yeah, well, we didn't think it was real either." Obviously not typical FOX News behavior, but it does follow suit with their Executive VP's quote that "If the incident turns out to be a hoax, Senator McCain’s quest for the presidency is over, forever linked to race-baiting." Is FOX News getting their ducks in-a-line in anticipation of an Obama victory?

USA Today
Reports: McCain volunteer lied about partisan-fueled attack
Yeeup. USA Today, arguably the worst national newspaper tells it rather straight. For a newspaper that's 90% headlines, this really shouldn't be that surprising.

CBS Texas
McCain Volunteer Changes Story About Attack
Yeah, no real commentary on that. Vague and ambiguous. Did she change it to say that she made it up, or possibly that the black man who attacked her was the sheik of all muslimhood BARACK OBAMA!?

Desperate McCain Supporter Faked Black Attack
Ha! You tell 'em Blacknews.

that's enough right?

jit v juke

Speakin of "Real Talk", I picked up a postcard in a record shop the other day advertising the Juke Remix of "Real Talk" ... YouTube and Google searches yielded no results unfortunately. So instead, here's a video of Jit Vs Juke. Detroit Vs Chicago. It's all in the footwork fool!

our blog is nothing but a youtube gallery. boo hiss.

But why stop now? I can't believe I didn't include this in my early 90's hip hop cavalcade. This one's for Pimpernel cause I know how much likes this song. On a side note, I never associated this song with 50s diners and black Marilyn Monroes ... until now ...

and one more ... not only is this Color Me Badd performing "I Wanna Sex You Up", it is Color Me Badd performing "I Wanna Sex You Up" live on Soul Train ... with Japanese subtitles ... this one's for Bogardus cause I know how much he likes Sam Watters ...

Batman Obama

John McCain learned his debate style from The Penguin

And just in case you still don't totally buy the McCain = Penguin conceit, check it

Oct 21, 2008

More Fun with CNN

Actual headline: Roses red/Violets blue/I have STD/So do you

It's a public health article that looks a lot like an advertisement for e-card websites that allow you to tell your intimate friend(s) that you got shot by Cupid's arrow and now there's an open sore and that they too might want to get checked out.

(I'd link to their website, but I'm at work. I'd rather get in trouble for blogging than going to an STD website.)

I really hope they use this as an e-card:

Halloween preparations

I just finished carving my pumpkin

and i've got my costume

plus the house is all decorated

Now I just have to hope that Sofie's Halloween party is as sexy as last year's

Oct 20, 2008

joe esposito and bisque

So yesterday I got home from working all weekend and was feeling under the weather. Naturally, I made up some tomato/basil bisque and listened to the Karate Kid soundtrack to help me feel better. S'when I started wondering if these songs had videos ... so I got on the Youtubes and found these guys ... clearly shot in a dorm, probably over a winter break or something, this is actually really well done ...

and on a side note, I now listen to this song everyday before going to work ... try it, it works wonders ...

Oct 16, 2008

Bluntestburgh Update

Yo! We're in the top 600 cities in Iceland! We got peoples. We got jobs. But we need transportation. So clicky clicky. And now some topical transportation pictures to please your eyeballs.

Oct 12, 2008

Obama can tell the future

also, in honor of driznastic's old skool hip hop flava

Oct 8, 2008

more of the same

So my boy Elliot was tellin me he was up in this joke ass napspot tryin to catch his daily "z"s but them busta's up in there was jus bumpin mad ABC jamz from the early 90s so I had to look thems up cause it's been a straight minute since I peeped 'em.

check out these videos ...

First off, they both use the hook from BBD's Poison (what's up with the intro to THAT video). Which makes sense seeing as Michael "Biv" Bivins of Bel Biv Devoe was the producer. I mean, don't get me wrong, I like that hook, but ... gonna use it three times??

Second off ... god DAMN those kids are young. I don't remember that, but that's probably cause i was 11 years old when them tunes dropped.

Thirdly, they using the same footage in both videos! Comon now ... have some self respect!

anyway, more of yer old school hip hop ...

Heavy D and the Boyz: Mr. Big Stuff
EPMD: You Gotz to Chill
Ultramagnetic MCs: Traveling at the Speed of Thought (provin kool keith has always been nuts)

not old school but a tight video ... at least watch till 1:30 ...
Hiero: Don't Hate the Playa

and cause kool keith is so brilliantly out of his goddamn mind
Dr. Octagon: Aliens

Oct 7, 2008

lookin' boy

Been meaning to post this for a while, but kept forgetting. It's pretty old now, but figure Bluntest viewers (if there's any left) weren't the type to be searchin' this shit out ... video is well worth watchin ...

yeah, it's just the dozens, and yeah, they from chicago ... what whaaaaa?


before there was Garfield-Without-Garfield ...
before there was Heathcliff ...
before there was, well, plain Garfield ...
and before there was Top Cat ...

there was Felix.

yes, opiumed-out Felix the Cat ... enjoy stills of some of his early cartoons complete with well funny commentary ...

Oct 4, 2008

back to our regularly scheduled program

on a 90s hip hop kick yesterday

How Long You Had That Problem????
if you lookin for mad tucked-in Lakers shirts and chicks rockin' biker spandex shorts, that's yer jam
here's yer sample

Where the rhythm is the bass and the bass is the treble.
I remember watching this video in middle school but I didn't remember how bored Nate Dogg looked. seriously dude, can I buy you an expression? also interesting to hear how many more words were censored. (gat, hos)
here's yer sample ... seriously, that is a stone jam. plus the chick at the end is pretty amazing.

Went to Short Dawg's house. They was watchin' Yo! Mtv Raps.
Yeah, I usually don't get down with the straight up gangsta stuff, but this is a cold cut.
here's yer sample ... that opening break has been used by about every producer in history

Life as a shorty shouldn't be so rough
Some deep shit in this song ... yeah it's gangsta, but it's also anti-gangsta. Spyder from Deals Gone Bad used to bump this shit in the Drastics van on tours.
here's yer sample

Wow, I don't remember this song being so INTENSE ... jeesus.
here's yer sample ... again, it's easy to make a "hit" when you sampleone of the best songs ever.

Oct 2, 2008