Jul 22, 2005

john howard day !

thats my vote for our new holiday ... i mean, sure, he fully supported a war built on lies and deciet, but hot damn, the man shaw looks good in a chinese tunic, and owns a lovely chain of hotels, hes got mad game wit the ladies, has an aboriginal curse on him, hes on top of the australian liberal party (even though its a conservative party ... ahhh ... newspeak here we come!), and commands an army of saucer-head aliens and weird para-military french guys to frighten the children ... though most of the time they do battle with these things ... a race of intergalatic pink-wearing war-mongering sweater-muffering hoopty-hopping robot-demon-alien-monsters hell bent on earths destruction ... and only one man ... ONE MAN ! can save us ... JOHN "DONT TAKE NO MESS" HOWARD

and thats why he gets my vote

in unrelated news, turtle gets wheels

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